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Welcome to our main website page and thank you for considering us. We have been operational for a long time, and we have been meeting the satisfaction of our customers. In the market today, it has become so hard for any person to get a company with satisfaction guarantee due to many competitors in the area. However, with us, you can get this assurance. We offer lawn care Gresham, Sandy, Happy Valley, Fairview and lawn care Troutdale without any failure. Our company is dedicated to providing nothing but the best quality service to all our clients in the above cities. Throughout these years, we have managed to score ourselves a lot of positive customer reviews due to our top-notch deliveries. All our products are of the right quality, and our landscape services are reliable. We understand the importance of reliability, and that is why we have dedicated ourselves to serve at any time of the day. For all emergencies, do not fail to contact us. We have invested in the best landscaping tools that enable us to provide landscape design unique to every customer. All our landscape ideas are generated by our highly trained, skilled and knowledgeable workers who dedicate all their time to make sure of a hundred percent client satisfaction. We provide different services such as sprinkler system installation; we offer design of irrigation system, design of garden pathways and garden walkways among other landscaping services. We devote ourselves to visiting your premises, inspecting and estimating what you want to be done and lastly we offer you a quote. This is free of charge service which ensures you are reasonably charged for the services you are about to receive. Cost estimates are different because each work is unique and tailored according to the individual needs of a client.

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Everyone wants to get a service with a quality that ensures the value of their money is given back. This is what we guarantee at Gresham landscape pros. We are the number one company that will appear in all your search lists of lawn services near me, landscape designs near me, lawn mowing service, lawn care near me and yard maintenance near me if you live around Gresham and other cities where we offer our landscaping services. This is because we are the best-known company in the field that leaves our client’s anticipating for our next delivery. A beautiful home is the only obvious way to portray your hard work, and beautiful living space cannot be achieved without an appropriate landscape. A beautiful view can be reached by selecting the best landscape company that will ensure all your unique features are fully met. A well-landscaped design helps in giving your home the natural appearance it deserves to provide you with comfort. You can rely on us for all your projects since we are a company which is highly experienced and understands what to do at what time and where. Irrespective of whether your project is residential or commercial our highly experienced team will help you with backyard water features, landscape designs, patio water features and other landscape ideas. They can work fast without compromises on the service quality to hit the deadline set by our clients. Our main objective is to make sure that even during our operation, your business continues to operate. Therefore we choose appropriately what time is convenient to deliver and what space to work on at what time. Call us for services on areas like lawn care, landscape lighting, and landscape walkway/pathway sprinkler irrigation, among others. All our emergency lines are open 24 hours for any of your calls. 

Services We offer In Gresham, Oregon

Gresham Lawn Care

If you need any lawn service near me or lawn care near me, do not hesitate to contact us. We are experts in this field, and our employees work to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Our employees are highly experienced and can transform your backyard into a fantastic place that you have ever wished for. Our lawn care service Gresham includes edging, general lawn mowing service and leaf blowing. In addition, we also offer yard maintenance services in case of an occasion, tree pruning, weed removal and many others. We do re-seeding to replace the dried grass to ensure uniformity.

Gresham Landscape Walkways/Pathways

If in need of any landscape ideas or landscape design near me, we are the right one for you. Call us, and we will arrange a visit to your site to come up with the different landscape designs for you to choose from. We design garden pathways and garden pathways that enhance your overall experience when walking along your yard and prevent you from stepping on your grass. We use either original designs or artificial designs such as concrete paving depending on the needs of our client.

Gresham Sprinkler Irrigation

We also put up a lawn sprinkler system that will keep your lawn watered at each required time to avoid drying up. Our workers are experts in sprinkler system installation. They come up with the design of an irrigation system that will ensure that the whole area is being watered. The system is automatic, and it is set to open at specific times of the day, and therefore you will not have to be there to switch it on. This helps you save time. This will ensure that your whole yard is well irrigated and hence will not dry up during hot weather.

Gresham Landscape Lighting

We listen to property owners who show interest in lighting up their garden. Landscape lighting enhances the beauty of your backyard in the evenings. Proper landscape lighting design makes your yard a more livable space. This is because it can be used at any time of the day, even when the sun goes down. Lighting up your landscape makes your garden pathways and garden walkways visible during the night. It also helps in putting away animals that may be dangerous to human life. We use different techniques to light up your garden. These include stonework highlighting, illuminating garden walkways and many others.

Gresham Water Features

Water features enhance the beauty of your garden. We provide backyard water features and also patio water features that help create a livable space within your yard. Water features can provide an area in which you relax as you enjoy your evening. We use quality materials in constructing these water fountains to ensure durability and also enhance beauty. We have different designs which include the self-circulating fountains and the freestanding water features. We are the leading store in construction of these features and therefore when you need such services to call us, and we will be at your service.

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"We have no regrets! After hiring Gresham Landscape Pros they made our backyard look absolutely amazing. From the landscape design to completion of our project it went totally smooth. We will use them again!"
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Jamie Mckenzie
Landscape Design
“I can’t tell you how impressed I was with Gresham Landscape Pros. Every week they are professional and simply amazing to work with. We love the lawn care they do for us every week!”
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Hanson Decks
Lawn Care
“I hired Gresham Landscape Pros to install a sprinkler system and they did a really great job. They treated my yard like it was their own and really paid attention to every detail.”
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Mitchell Allen
Sprinkler Installation

Why Choose Us At Gresham Landscape Pros

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We offer professional services

Working with us ensures that you get top-notch services. With us, you are sure that there will be minimal chances of accidents or errors. In case of any incidents, we as a company will rectify the issues at our own cost. We work with our clients from the beginning of the project up to the end and ensure that you are satisfied with the service.

We use quality materials and service

In our company, we use the right materials to offer our services. These include seeds, type of grass and type of sprinklers to install. The use of quality materials ensures that the outcome of our service is the best.

We help you save your money.

Working with us helps you save quite a lot of money. We have service packages for our clients to choose from. We understand that doing things on your own can be confusing and you may end up spending a lot of money. We provide affordable services, and we use our equipment which also saves you the cost of hiring from outside.

Our staff is highly experienced

We have operated this business for several years, and this has made us be one of the most highly experienced companies. Our workers have a vast knowledge of different landscape ideas and landscape designs. They are also useful in providing lighting designs and also offer the best lawn mowing services.

We provide landscaping ideas and landscaping designs

It can be challenging to come up with your landscaping designs and landscaping ideas. Our qualified staff will provide you with different designs for you to choose from. They also ensure that whatever you want is the actual thing that they develop on the ground. They engage you at every step to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Just like you are a client to us, we at one time were also clients to others too, and we know very well what kind of service one should get for them to feel valued appreciated and satisfied. Therefore here at Gresham landscape pros swear to give you a service that is highly exceptional and uniquely tailored to your need just like we would want to have to. We do not promise to be out of mistakes because we are human, but we promise to stand by them and own them in case they occur. We give money back in case you fail to get satisfied with our service. Also, we try as much as possible to provide a mistake-free service and in case any error occurs accidentally we rectify it as soon as possible at a free cost to our customers.

For this reason, we highly recommend our services to you for the experience you have never had before.  For us we guarantee that we will be your partner as long as you need us, we will stand by your choices to help you bring out a beautiful home and we will meet all your needs and responds to your call anytime you call us. Our company is convenient and straightforward for its entire client in terms of its operations. Our phone menu is short, brief and user friendly. Therefore, you can rest assured that your call will not be subjected to a long ridiculous phone menu before you can talk to our customer care agent. This way, we can respond to emergency calls as fast as possible or as soon as they are made. All your emails will be seen at the right time. Ensure you call us today on 503-647-6633 or email us for a free quote

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With Gresham Landscape Pros, you're not going to hit a ridiculously long phone menu when you call us. Your email isn't going to the inbox abyss, never to be seen or heard from again. With Gresham Landscape Pros, we provide the exceptional service we'd want to experience ourselves!